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Book Review: Jamie, Fire Ridge Pride #2

Title: Jamie

Series: Fire Ridge Pride (#2)

Author: Jae Greyn

Genre: MM Paranormal Shifter Romance



One night can change the whole world.

At 25, Jaime Wheeler hasn’t met anyone that makes him sit up and take notice. Then he sees the beautiful Sawyer Beaux. And wants him.

Between the bubbly champagne and the tequila courage, Jaime takes a chance, and Sawyer says yes.

One night leaves them both wanting more.

Jaime’s world crashes when he returns home, and he has to fix it. Can Sawyer accept what Jaime must do, or will Old-World Pride Law tear them apart?

His tongue was hotter than the water, and I needed something to hold onto because I felt like I was falling.

Jamie made me lose control, forget every problem, and live in the moment.

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What I loved:

If you like shifters, low-angst romance between men, and political intrigue, this book is for you.

Jamie and Sawyer, both of them lion shifters, hook up once at the hotel where they’re both staying while attending Lena’s wedding to Sawyer’s brother Salem (which was arranged in the first book). Even from that one encounter, they’re both all-in with each other.

Their relationship to each other was very sweet and low-drama almost from the first chapter. Neither of them is all that experienced, but BOY DO THEY LEARN. However, despite that Jamie and Sawyer don’t have many second thoughts about each other, there IS plenty of conflict in the book. This comes in the form of Jamie’s family and forms the main thrust of the book’s plot.

The part I found most surprising was that the story was really about pride politics as much as it was anything else. Similar to the first book, a lot of the conflict ended up being about marriage contracts. I found this interesting to read since it helped demonstrate who the lions are as a society. I got the strong sense that lion shifters aren’t just regular humans who have a special ability to turn into lions every now and then. Every part of their culture and way of life is deeply shaped by the animal they are within.

I do know that I called out some minor editing issues with Lou, the first book in the series, so I want to touch on that here. I’m happy to report that Jamie doesn’t have those issues. It was far easier to read, and the prose was much tighter.

That said, there are a LOT of secondary and tertiary characters to keep straight. This is a love story set in a massive (5000+ member) pride of lion shifters and their lives are very tangled up in each other’s, so it makes perfect sense that there’s a big cast of characters to contend with. If I’d read Lou immediately before reading Jamie, instead of reading it several weeks later, I’m sure I wouldn’t have had any issues keeping the cast straight at all.

I hinted at it earlier, but I’ll just come out and say that the best part about Jamie is, hands down, the romance that develops between Jamie and Sawyer. They’re very sweet with each other, pretty much right from the first page. They go to lengths to do nice things for each other, just because. Plus, there’s no internal struggle on Sawyer’s end when things get hard for Jamie. He’s claimed his man, so Jamie’s problems are his problems. So, naturally, I was rooting for them to get a happy ending by the end of the story.

All in all, it was a short, enjoyable read. I recommend it if you enjoy sweet (and often quite steamy) romance between men, shifters, group politics, and political intrigue.

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