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Book Review: Under a Full Moon (Slate Mountain Wolf Pack Book 1)

Book Title: Under a Full Moon

Series Name: Slate Mountain Wolf Pack

Number in Series: Book 1

Authors: Michelle Frost & Sammi Cee

Genre: This is a Spicy novella-length MM Paranormal werewolf-human romance.


Ethan Slate

As President of the Slate Mountain Wolf Pack Motorcycle Club, being Alpha to a pack of wolves was something I was born to do. Same with riding a motorcycle and standing vigilant against all threats to our little mountain town—even when those threats come from within. Most of the humans here don’t know what we are. They only see tough men on bikes with leather vests, marking us as outlaws. The facade keeps our secret and the town of Slate Mountain safe. When my mate shows up with the summer breeze, all seems right with the world, until trouble stirs and I have to use all my resources as a man and wolf to protect him and the town we both love.

Brice Wallace

As the mayor’s son, coming home after graduating from college is an eye opening experience. I’d forgotten how small town politics could swallow people whole and point men down paths of greed. Now that my eyes have been opened, there’s no going back to the blissful ignorance of before. When I meet Ethan, I know he’s the one for me. Being with Ethan, leads me further away from my father’s plans and deeper into the secrets of Slate Mountain even as it puts me directly into the path of the newest threat to our sleepy little town.

Welcome to Slate Mountain where magic and motorcycles roam the streets, love flows as pure as mountain spring water, and the wolves are always guarding the door.

Under A Full Moon is a 32,000 word novella featuring an M/M romance and an HEA. It is the first book in a four-part series set in the same world and while each book focuses on a different couple the overall story arc continues on in the next installment. It is recommended the books be read in order.

“I was two steps away when he lifted his head and tired eyes met mine. A fleeting smile broke out over his face. Then he was in my arms. He clung to me, arms tight around my shoulders, and I held him close just as fiercely.”

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There are some mild spoilers in the trigger warnings. They’re clearly marked, in case you want to skip them.

Trigger Warnings: There’s a minimal amount of violence. It mostly happens off the page.

*** SPOILER ***

At one point, there is an act of violence against a street-involved teenager. Again, this happens off-page and drives the plot forward. The teenager lives through the experience and isn’t badly injured.

Personally, I thought this was more or less tastefully handled (it wasn’t gratuitous or unnecessary to the plot, and the characters reacted with appropriate horror / anger / compassion), but it’s worth mentioning that it’s there, just in case you might have matching traumas or otherwise not want to consume that content.


“The only time I felt peace down to my very soul was when I was in his presence.”

What I fell in love with:

Michelle Frost & Sammi Cee do an amazing job of creating emotional impact for the reader in a very limited amount of space. By the end I definitely had all the feels (in a good way!).

First of all, most of these characters (with notable exceptions) are such good people that it made me wish I lived in Slate Mountain. Despite there not being room for gobs of detail about the nuances of the town, I still felt like I was reading about a real place—one where a lot of the people are good and kind to each other, whenever they can be.

The relationship between Ethan and Brice was adorable. It worked well, and it ultimately ended up getting steamy in the last half of the book. I loved seeing the two of them on the page with each other, because most of the time throughout the story, they’re helping each other to protect the town (and to generally be better people overall), which was really nice to read. Though Ethan is the alpha of the werewolf pack in town, he’s not jealous, possessive, overbearing, or otherwise toxic. Some people are into that kind of love interest – but that’s not my thing.

This book is part of a larger series and each of the books will follow a different couple. And because they’re all interconnected (the series follows a pack of werewolves), that means we’ll still get to hang out with the couples we’ve already met and grown to love, as the series progresses. Here, in the first book, we can already start to see who the future couples are going to be and what the dynamic between them is going to be like, even though no one else has explicitly gotten together just yet. It’s a lot of fun to look into the future with the authors and see who is about to fall in love, even if those characters might not realize they even have feelings for each other yet.

It’s also nice to know that I’ll be able to see how Ethan and Brice’s happily ever after is progressing in the later books. I don’t know about you, but I love me a book series that does this.

The overall plot was fun and I’m looking forward to getting to know the rest of the wolves and seeing what kinds of hijinks they get up to next. The first book in the series definitely left me wanting more.

Also, there’s a real HEA at the end (not just a HFN), which ended up being very sweet (again, it got me right in the feels) and well written.

Verdict: This is a short, fun, and decently steamy read–if you’re into werewolves, MM romance, healthy relationship dynamics between men, and good-natured characters who only want what’s best for each other and for the town they live in, definitely give this one a read.

Best of all, you can check out the entire series for free if you’re subscribed to Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited Program! Click here to begin reading.

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