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Book Review: Finding Nessie

Title: Finding Nessie

Series: The Finding Nessie Series (Book 1)

Author: Edwina Lindsey

Genre: MM Paranormal (Monster) Romance



What happens when a Highland witch falls for the Loch Ness Monster?

When Cam Walker, the last remaining Witch of the Highlands, heads to Loch Ness to investigate a potentially dangerous monster, the last thing he expects is to wind up working with that monster… let alone end up attracted to him. But the friendly, cheerful Lachlan is hard to resist, and turns out to be a powerful ally in the hunt for the real monster behind the killings around Loch Ness…

M/M paranormal romance with a sweet relationship and medium spice. This novella is the first in a trilogy following the same characters: it has a HFN conclusion and NO cliff-hanger!

“I promise I’ll find a way to help you. Assuming you want me to, of course.”


That syllable left Lachlan’s mouth and hung in the silence between them. A glimmer of something precious appeared in his eyes as they misted over-hope.

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Finding Nessie was a fun and surprisingly sweet read. I even forgot that it was supposed to be a monster romance a lot of time, but in a good way. Don’t get me wrong, we definitely get to see “monsters” in the story, but I personally didn’t doubt for a second the validity of the romance that developed between the characters. It was surprisingly healthy, gentle, and organic.

Clocking in at only 98 pages on my device, it was a short, easy read. It’s hard to believe how much story got packed into such a small space, but it really did feel like a complete narrative by the time I finished it.

One of the things that stood out to me is that I really enjoyed both of our heroes the entire time. Their actions made total sense to who they were and, again, the romance that formed between them was healthy, supportive, and very sweet. All that said, while I loved Cam too, I do have a bit of a soft spot for Lachlan. He’s a total cinnamon roll character, which I’m super into. I don’t blame Cam one bit for starting to fall in love with the guy, even if he is sometimes a giant lake monster (we learn this fact really early on in the story, by the way—I didn’t just ruin a big reveal or anything).

Despite how short it is, this is still a decently spicy read. The characters seem like they might be at least somewhat versatile with each other in the bedroom. I personally tend to enjoy reading this, especially when it seems natural to the characters that they enjoy having sex with a man, regardless of the position.

Another thing I want to give a huge nod to is that the setting and description in this story is so dang well done. It didn’t weigh anything down or slow the pacing. Instead, a lot of the time I felt like I was really there at Loch Ness, and there was a ring of truth to how things were described that made me think a lot of time and effort went into this aspect of the story.

Overall, this was a sweet, well-structured romance between two wonderful characters and ended up being fantastic twist on the Loch Ness monster. It should go without saying, but I absolutely recommend it.

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