Book cover for Embracing his Vampire Mate


My ability to sense the things other people can’t has already cost me any shot I ever might’ve had at normalcy. But normal is overrated anyhow, right? So what if I routinely send guys running for the hills because I come off as too weird for them? Besides, I don’t really mind being alone. It’s easier that way, after all. But then I meet Aiden. He stares at me like I’m the last cupcake in the display and I don’t know why. What I do know is that he’s hiding something big. I can feel it. His secrets call out to me, demanding answers. But the closer I get to him, the more certain I am that finding the truth might mean risking my heart in the process.


Bartending in a college town keeps me grounded. It’s as close to being human as I can get. An arrangement with the very confused but still obliging local butcher ensures I don’t have to hunt for what sustains me. It’s a quiet life with only two rules. Rule number one: don’t hurt anyone. And rule number two: don’t let anyone get too close. Sure, sometimes it gets a little lonely, but I’ve learned long ago that giving my heart over to someone else is nothing more than a recipe for pain. It’s far better that I’m on my own. That is, until Dante takes a job at the bar and turns my entire world inside out. I know should stay away, but I’m having trouble taking my eyes off him. And even though the way I’m feeling is dangerous for both of us, I know it’s only a matter of time until I give in.


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